Goodbye Facebook, hello Internet


One avenue of liberation is freedom from conditioning.

Facebook has become a negative influence. It’s an irresponsible company in so many ways. Greed has a way of manifesting in capitalism as products that engage in open contempt for those who use them.

It’s always a small mind, greed. At some point, Facebook decided that small-time, restricted, controlled streams of information are what people want. That decision lacks a fundamental understanding of oceanic humanity and the ability of dreaming to get underneath any conditioned structure at any time. It’s deadly dull.  So, forget it! Think of how creative and egalitarian that platform could have been.  It could have changed the world. But it didn’t. Its seed fell from the tree into the wrong kind of soil.

This is why I stopped using my Facebook account .  I’m a deleter, in the sense that, though I have to keep my account open for professional purposes, I’ve stopped using it for social purposes beyond important announcements and the occasional stop to answer message.

There is a better way to love people, and I’m happy to forge ahead and be part of what that looks like.  Please, let’s talk again, explore again, connect again – there’s so much space out here!





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